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Business Info/Profiles/Credit Directories, Databases, Companies
Public Record- Civil Lawsuit Search - Criminal Lawsuit Search - Property Value Search
Company Research : Companies, research - CorpInfo
Edgar : Financials - Report Gallery : Annual Reports
Companies Online : Profiles - Bus. Credit USA
Free Credit Monitoring, - Free Credit Report
Credit Worthy : Links to all Credit Sources
FedStats : Demographics, Statistics
CPA Finder : Find a CPA CPA Link
Martindale : Find an Attorney West's
ConsultLink : Computer Consultants SoftSearch
BoardWatch : ISP Directory ISP's : Compare
SBA : Small Business NBIA : Incubators
OSHA : Standard Industry Class.(SIC) codes - NAICS
Company Research : Company finder, news, research
Thomas: Manufacturers TFIR: Food - Regional
HarrisInfo : Manufacturers directory
Businesses - Franchise - Restaurants for sale
Bank Online : Dir. of Banks
IMRI : Dir. of Market Research Firms Zarden
Europages : European business listings
Business Nation : Industry sites by Category
Dartmouth : Business Schools USNews : Rankings
UniGuide : A Guide to US Universities 50 States
News Directory : Links to Mags/Journals
Mediafinder : Info on 90,000 Publications
E&P : Regional and Free Publications
Office Space - Executive Suites - Retail Space
Address, People, Tel #, Y/W. Pages Gov., Libraries, Associations, Orgs.
People Search - Locate long lost relatives, old friends, or an old military buddy.
10 yr. data - Address/tel, property records, bankruptcies, liens/judgements.
SuperPages : A very comprehensive source
Qwest Dex - Internet Yellow Pages
SwitchBoard : Find a business by category
AnyWho : Claims 90 million listings/Reverse Lookup
BigFoot : Best for People & Personal E-mail Search
World Pages : World white and yellow pages
Federal-Dir : Federal & State Gov. Tel. Dir.
World Tel Dir. : Tel. directories across the world
Villanova : Fed Gov LSU : Fed Agencies
State Govt. : Web Servers 50 States : Facts & Links
Piper Resources : State & Local Gov. Listings
CapWeb : Congress House - Senate
Whowhere? : Find People in Government
GPOGate : Gov. Docs GovBot - Govcon - Defense
Biz Advisor - Trade - Trade Info. - State Search
Yahoo! : Libraries - LibWeb - LOC : Lib. of Congress
ASAE : Associations - Assoc.Central - Mkt. Source
Yahoo! : SmallBiz Associations Yahoo! : Trade Orgs.
ElectraPages : Database of Womens Orgs.
Toll Free, Area Codes, Payphones Fax Numbers & E-Mail
AT&T : Toll Free (800) Directory Inter800
Airlines : Toll Free numbers for Airlines
Americom : Area Codes Clear : Country Codes
555-1212 : Alternative Area Code lookup
InfoSpace : Reverse Area Code/Tel# lookup
Phone Spell : Spell your phone number
Payphones : Search for a Payphone

MIT Usenet : Comprehensive e-mail Directory
IAF : Alternative e-mail address Source
Excite : Claims to be the largest e-mail source
Hoffman : Congressional e-mail House - Senate
Mr.Smith : Send e-mail to gov. officials & media
PSA : 800 Media e-mail addresses
CCSI : Business Schools e-mail list
Zip Codes, Maps, Dist., Time, Travel FAQ, Acronyms, Dictionaries, Thesaurus
Cedar-SUNY : Zip Codes MIT - ZipInfo - Daragon
USPS : Postal Abbreviations : Maps of larger cities
MapQuest : Narrow your search and get directions
How Far Is It? : Got directions, but how far is it?
ZipFind : Find the Distance bet. two zipcodes
MapBlast : Create your own map
WorldClock - TheTimeZone - Clear : Search
Go-Global : Travel Info. CNN - StateDept. - EscArtist
Subway Navigator : Metro stations and routes
Embassy : Embassies and Consulates
VISA : Find the nearest ATM - MasterCard
City Search - Digital City - Lycos - About - Cities
.faq finder : Got a Question? Whatis? : More?
FAQFinder : Usenet search NetLingo : Internet-FAQ
Abbr. Server : Acronyms Acronym Finder
One Look : Comprehensive List of Glossary Sites
Foldoc : Computing terms TechWeb Net Dictionary
Investor Words : What's a CALL & a DRIP? Quicken
InfoInnovation : Management Jargon
Amos : Economic Glossary
Duhaime's : Legal Dictionary - Nolo - BigDog : HR
UCSD : Webster's Dictionary M-W : Merriam
Your Dictionary : All Online Dictionaries
Roget's : Roget's Thesaurus
Calendars, Calculators, Shipping Help, Experts, Reviews, General Ref.
VP Clendar : Virtual Perpetual Calendars
Go Global : Holidays, Time Zones - Holiday Festival
USPS : US Postal Rates
SmartShip : Shipping Rates, Tracking Intershipper
ShipGuide : Worldwide Shipping & Cargo guides
Xenon : Currency Converter Oanda - Rates : Best
Fin Center : Fin. Calculators - Money - Smart Money
Sallie Mae : Financial Aid/Tution Calculators
Money Advisor : All Financial Calculators
Convert-me : Measurement Conversions MicroImg
Calculator : Directory of Calculators Martindale
GSA : Consumer Info Consumer World : Agencies
FindLaw : Find Legal Info The Law Engine
Ask an Expert : Expert opinions CIESE : More Experts
How Stuff Works - ehow - Help Answers
Learn2 : More questions Info. Please - ask me
ZDNet : 10,000 Software Tips or Ask an Expert
Help Site : Computer docs and topics Support Help
Everything E-Mail : Everything about e-mail
Robert's : Rules of order Const. Society: Revised
Encarta : Encyclopedia Encyclopedia - WIRED
epinions : Product reviews c|net - PC World - ZDNet - Request or Respond to Web Host Plans

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